NEW! 2024 TRIPOINT AUDIO EMPEROR NG - A 229-pound limited production silver legend is born, gentlemen! The new bigger and heavier flagship ultra high-end grounding system features four proprietary custom-made oversized Master GROUND-CORE Generation VI (G6) silver grounding modules in an exclusive extremely thick solid copper and aircraft aluminum chassis with premium high-end footers. This world-class filtration instrument is the culmination of 25 years of work in the art of noise rejection for ultra high-end audio systems. Achieve the unattainable: an absolute transformation of your music to finally sound like a real live performance. This unit must be heard to be believed. I personally call it the ultimate magic component! Larry D. Diaz from High-End Palace. Give me a call, and let's set up a get-together for a demo on your audio system anywhere in the world. You will not believe what this new Emperor NG will do to your listening experience. It's life-changing for audiophiles and music lovers! Call me at 786 388-8050 to schedule a demo.


NEW! 2024 TRIPOINT TROY ELITE NG SE (Not shown) features four proprietary custom-made Master GROUND-CORE Generation V (G5) silver grounding modules in an exclusive solid brass and aircraft aluminum chassis with premium high-end footers.

TRIPOINT TROY ELITE NG Mk II - World-Class ultra high-end grounding system featuring four proprietary custom-made Master GROUND-CORE Generation IV (G4) solid copper grounding modules in an exclusive 160 pounds solid brass and aircraft aluminum chassis with massive 3" solid brass spikes.


2024 TRIPOINT SIGNATURE NG - World-Class high-end grounding system featuring three new proprietary custom-made Master GROUND-CORE Generation II (G2) solid copper grounding modules in an exclusive 69-pound solid aircraft aluminum chassis with custom spikes. It's time to take your system to the next level! For details and pricing contact Larry D, Diaz at High-End Palace 786 388-8050. I promise you that you will never be in better hands.





     Presenting the world-class TRIPOINT Emperor NG, TROY ELITE NG SE, TROY ELITE NG Mk II, and Signature NG SE. These ultra high-end grounding systems are made from solid aircraft aluminum with solid brass or solid copper slabs finished in 24k gold or platinum. Tripoint features exclusive technology with their proprietary Master GROUND-CORE modules with custom-made binding-posts to achieve the ultimate audio realism. These exclusive modules achieve the highest level of EMI/RFI filtration to date. Every detail has been maximized without any shortcuts to eliminate negative resonances and dispense all high-frequency noise from the signal path.

Contact me for a Tripoint Audio demo! Let's set up a demo on your high-end audio system anywhere in the world. I will personally guarantee a shocking improvement in performance on any high-end audio system. Everything dramatically improves when your audio system is grounded to Tripoint: music depth of field (inside and outside of the speakers), image focus, dynamics, finesse, drastic increase in air around the instruments and vocals, frequency extension, music expression, feeling of the music improves drastically, deep elimination of audible distortion, and removal of ground grunge.

Even if you think you have the perfect system with dedicated AC lines, and a dedicated 10-foot ground bar, you can still take the performance of your audio system to a whole new level of sonic excellence by adding an Emperor or Troy to your system. With Tripoint you simply get a level of realism and refinement that cannot be achieved any other way, my audiophile friends. Link to website: TRIPOINT AUDIO.

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Review by Dr. Ned



Tripoint Emperor NG takes grounding to the ultimate state of the art!

Grounding systems should be considered an essential component of a high-end audio system. Spending vast sums on components and speakers may bring satisfaction, but not necessarily musicality. There are a number of grounding systems on the market, but most have minimal impact on musicality. For the past 3 years, I have been using the outstanding Tripoint Troy Elite NG. A well-engineered grounding system will have an outsized impact on music. Coherence, transparency, sound stage width and depth, and fine detail are vastly enhanced. If removed from my system, engagement in listening disappears, despite the high quality of the components I employ.

Well, time moves on, and new insights emerge. Through heroic engineering, now enters the new 2024 Tripoint Emperor NG grounding system. I was initially skeptical that much could be improved over the excellent Troy Elite NG, I was so wrong! The Emperor NG is in a whole different league. The impact it has on music is remarkable. It infuses my system with remarkable musicality, in a quality audio system, it enhances the feeling of actually listening to live music rather than just a good facsimile of live music. The fine detail, transparency, coherency, definition, timbral purity, image stability, and dynamic prowess are all enormously enhanced. The influence it has on my system is not subly, is a substantial leap over the excellent Troy Elite NG. The Emperor NG is superbly recommended!

Initial review by Dr. Ned


A NOTE FROM LARRY AT HIGH-END PALACE! Me and Miguel Alvarez, CEO of Tripoint Audio want to give our sincere thanks to our friend and customer, Dr. Ned for this superb initial review and honest listening experience of the brand-new ultra high-end 2024 TRIPOINT Emperor NG Silver Grounding System. A full review will be posted after his unit is delivered and installed. Larry from High-End Palace 786 388-8050, e-mail: larry@highendpalace.com







God cannot be found in a noisy and restlessness environment.  God is a friend of silence. See how our nature such as trees, flowers, and grows in silence.  See how does the stars, the moon and the sun, move in silence... We need silence to touch the souls. These words came from Mother Teresa.  I don’t have any religious belief. After I placed the 2nd Troy Elite NG at Divin Lab for a month (without announcement), I had gradually begun comprehending her wisdom. When Joan Baez sang “Let it be” LIVE in Spain (a vinyl), the power of her voice unlocked my “eureka” moment.  I recorded a video of Joan Baez performing the epic song at Divin Lab and sent to 10,000 people maybe more. The feedbacks are beyond “phenomenal” as most don’t believe I recorded it by an iPhone 11.

Since music is part of humanity, and humans are about the soul, then silence must be a sacred invincible soul-bridge to reach Paradiso. I am thankful of living in a world of diversity, which brings a madman like Miguel of Tripoint, who invested everything in researching “silence” to the service of music. Not many may understand his motives, but to me, his feat is glorious. Chris Leung





Another beyond happy audiophile friend and customer from HIGH-END PALACE! Delivery and install of a new TRIPOINT ELITE with seven new debut TRIPOINT SIGNATURE SILVER SE ground cables.


A few words after a night of listening;

   Thank you Larry for all your support on my music quest to nirvana. The Tripoint has exceeded my expectations and it is still settling in. I have succumbed to tweaks in the past and found most to fall short of expectations. This is not true of the Tripoint grounding system, it is a real game changer and should be a part of any high-resolution system. I am so impressed with the way my system now sounds (and I thought it was pretty good previously). I thank you for your advice on cables, speakers, and amplifiers. The Tripoint puts all of this over the top. I cannot seem to believe all will get better. The two choral pieces we played today each gave me goosebumps as the music was so organic. I never experienced that before. It was an experience I never had with an audio system





Here are a few words from a Tripoint friend & customer after listening for a couple hours


    If you hear the Troy Elite NG, it will change your thinking. The way you prioritize your components when building a high end system will be completely shattered. Troy Elite NG has showed me that speakers and ground box are the two most important factors if you want to achieve a out of normal experience from what you’ve heard at every industry trade show that you’ve attended in your lifetime. That includes your own system or any other system. Troy Elite NG leaves the normal hifi experience and puts you with the performers on stage. Experience something that you thought was impossible to accomplish in audio reproduction.





Even the best systems in the world need Tripoint to deliver the realism and emotion of the music

A breathtaking listening session at AE Divin Lab by Mr KK Wong


    Chris and I were on holiday during CNY. We had breakfast together with my son last Friday before we went to Divin Lab. Soon after we arrived, Chris casually played the Bodyguard soundtrack LP to warm up the system. My expectation on the very first song was modest as Zanden Kaun probably takes 30 minutes to stabilise. Immediately, I was utterly captivated by the soul of Whitney Houston as though she was singing in front of me.  The realism is beyond words.

My attention turned immediately to the Zanden Jinpu phono which allows curve selection on top of the standard RIAA curve. Chris selected the EMI curve in reverse phase to play it. We went back to RIAA and the sound was obviously wrong. This LP under the Arista Label was produced in the 90s. Why does the EMI curve right the RIAA so much? Chris simply follows the menu from Yamada san of Zanden to choose the right curve with respect to different recording labels. We both went thru the journey of using Zanden Model 1200Mk3 that also supports curve selection. Yet, the differences before was not as profound as now. Without getting the fundamentals right, all assessments on gears are inconclusive. In Divin Lab, it is not anymore about achieving absolute zero distortion from the engineering measurement standpoint. It is about the transcription of aura into musicality. After all, the human ears is not a linear measurment system. God made our ears a non-linear system.

The extreme realism achieved by Divin Lab is attributed to: (1) minimal phase distortion amongst the drivers of Gobel Divin Majestic speakers. (2) availability of eq curve selection for analog playback. (3) the presence of the almighty Tripoint Elite NG. What followed in the audition were all reference recordings that I knew extremely well except Mahler Symphony No 5. Every time when a track of music was played, my son's reaction was identical to mine - very different from what we listened at home. When Chris switched back to RIAA on the same track, the experiences resembled mine at home. When the right curve was selected, I can hear more pauses and pulses. The voice of God in Noye's Fludde (Decca curve, reverse phase) was so authoratative coming out from the rock solid Hartvig Statement turntable coupled with Miyajima’s flagship Destiny 天命 cartridge mounted on Thales Statement Gold arm. That stunning voice coming from a height of around 10 feet corresponds to the pictorial descriptions in the pamphlet. This is THE best ever playback on this musical I have ever experienced. It is picturesque.

Next was Mahler symphony No 5 (teldec curve, positive phase) that I seldom listen. We discussed at length on the role of the conductor in the symphony.  We could easily feel the pacing of each sub instrument group within an orchestra follows the baton of the conductor. This is amazing. Now I understand why there must be a conductor there. Because each group’s pacing are somewhat different. The conductor’s job is to synchronise them so as to achieve harmonious tonality in a holsitic way from the orchestration. It is hard to imagine what I experienced at Divin Lab. Next was my favourite Dvorak Symphony No. 9 ‘New World’ by Fricsay, DGG (teldec, reverse phase). This is a very enlightening orchestral piece to describe the challenges and homesickness of Dvorak living in America as his new home. Never could I imagine an audio replay system revealing all the mechanics of orchestration of BPO was so ambivalently emotional under the command of Fricsay. We no longer refer to transparency of audible details. Rather it is the ‘inaudible’ aura that transpires into emotions.  Joan Baez, Diamond and Rust in the Bullring is the most favourite of mine. This live recording captured the chorus of the audience like surround sound alongside the reverberation of the huge Bullring stadium. With the correct eq curve setting on Zanden Jinpu, my son and I were repeatedly amazed by the palpability of Joan Baez alongside the audiences. Indeed, we felt like sitting together with audiences singing in chorus with Joan! The magic disappeared once the eq curve was back to RIAA.

Before we ended the audition session, Chris revealed the presence of the new Tripoint Elite NG (Next Generation) in Divin Lab. This is the extreme of extreme grounding technology by Miguel of Tripoint Audio. (Chris told me only 10 would be made to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the partnership between Tripoint and AE). This gorgeous masterpiece was plugged into the Vertere Electrical Phase Management Center, which was chosen as product of the year in 2018 in the AE community. We swapped a Dalby Ode Grande ground cable originally connected to Zanden Jinpu phono from Elite NG to Elite (Side by Side comparison). All the distinction between right curve vs standard RIAA became less distinct!!!! I really mean ALL. My ears could no longer be listening in a relax mode. Palpability of everything collapses. Aura disappears. The NG goes beyond the depiction of more silence. It reveals aura of the venue.

I had learnt so much from this session. The key takeaways are: (1) eq curve selection of Zanden Jinpu matters very much. (2) zero phase distortion of the Goebel Divin is phenomenal. (3) Tripoint Elite NG transcends the listening experience into a virtual reality where I can co-share the space with the performers in the recordings. Chris’ relentless efforts on noise mitigation is the prime strategy for achieving such uncharted performance level at Divin Lab. This is an open known secret. But how many of us have the full conviction to follow?






      For a long time, I felt I had a very revealing audio system with a very low noise floor. Larry Diaz of High-End Palace in Coral Gables, FL was urging me for a while to explore the EMI/RFI passive filtration grounding components Miguel Alvarez of Tripoint Audio had developed. Finally, I moved forward to explore Miguel’s offerings. My first exploration was with the Troy Elite to be followed by the Troy Elite NG. What has resulted from this exploration has been revelatory and transformational. My current system is advanced and constitutes the following components:


· Aurender W20

· dCs Vivaldi DAC

· dCs Vivaldi Clock

· Benchmark LA4 preamplifier

· Pass Labs XA160.8 monoblock amplifiers

· Tripoint Audio Troy Elite NG with Signature Silver SE grounding cables

· Acoustic Zen Crescendo II speakers

· REL SE212 sub-bass system (pair)

· Acoustic Zen Absolute Silver interconnects and speaker cables

· Shunyata Research power systems and power cables

· Shunyata Research Sigma 75 Word Clock cables (clock to Aurender and DAC)

· Audioquest Wild dual AES/EBU digital cables (Aurender to DAC)

· Dedicated Room (14’ x 29.75’ x 10’) with 6 dedicated 20-amp outlets







The Tripoint Troy Elite NG is a stunning looking compact rectangular box supported by three massive 3” solid brass spikes. Don’t let the compact size of the box fool you, it weighs a substantial 160 lbs! Once positioned, I doubt it will be moved often, if at all. The Troy Elite NG has 4 ground core modules, each with over-sized copper binding posts on the back of the component designed to achieve the highest level of EMI/RFI filtration of all Tripoint Audio’s series of grounding components. My initial lengthy experience with the Troy Elite and later with the Troy Elite NG confirmed there is a distinct improvement in EMI/RFI filtration with the later. A massive and very heavy wall cable is plugged into an outlet and attached to one of the binding posts. This is a passive grounding system, so this cable is used to only establish a ground from an outlet to the Troy Elite NG. Signature Silver grounding cables are being used in my system. These go from the other remaining binding posts in the back of the Troy Elite NG to unused input or output ports, chassis screws, or ground screws on the source components.



In my system, the wall cable is plugged into the same outlet shared with my front-end components and is attached to one of the 3 module binding posts. Signature Silver cables from the Aurender, Clock, and DAC (connected to unused BNC ports) share another module binding post on the Troy Elite NG. Cables from the preamplifier (connected to an unused RCA port) and from each amplifier (spade connector the dedicated amplifier ground connection) share another module binding post. The 3rd module binding post shares cables from unused RCA ports from each subwoofer.



As I mentioned previously, I considered I had a very revealing audio system with a very low noise floor. Was I ever wrong! The first thing, the Tripoint components do not add anything to editorialize the sound. What they offer is what I will call life and air. They open up the soundstage providing life-like imaging, crafting music to become vivid and alive. It is like transporting the audio system into the original recording venue. Dynamics are enhanced and less constrained. Dynamics are more detailed. Timing and rhythm of music is enriched. Ambient cues are uncannily liberated to open up an expansive and immersive soundstage. Vocals take on improved pitch definition and inflection. Low level definition is enhanced and outstanding. Fundamentally, fine grain or haze inherent in audio systems is lifted providing crystalline clarity to music.

Flying Carpet by Quadro Neuvo & Cairo Steps (Flying Carpet 44.1/16) is a densely orchestrated song with many unique instruments. With the Troy components inserted into my audio system, all of the instruments seemed to float on a cushion of air with each seemingly to have endless decay of notes. There is freedom from previously unrealized minor congestion now with no blurring of instruments whether played loud or soft. All instruments simply now arise from their own sense of space with rich overtones. Mr. Somewhere by This Mortal Coil (Blood 96/24) demonstrated absolute purity to vocals. Low background drum beats become clearly delineated with a cushion of air around each beat. The cello exhibits beautiful resonances and timbre not appreciated previously. New York by St. Vincent (Mass Education Tidal HiFi) is a simple piece with piano and vocal. There is now absolute purity to the voice which seemingly floats in space. All is rendered with absolute beauty against a stark black background with no grain. Finally, Sunset by The xx (Coexist 44.1/16) has clear delineation of vocals. There is vast depth and width with a black background to the soundstage. Low frequencies have enhanced definition and depth.

I just shared a few of my listening notes regarding a wide spectrum of songs I auditioned for this review. Many of my notes mention that whole songs now take on a subtile beauty with an organic quality. Subtile details previously audible, but somewhat buried, now have clarity. The difference between the Troy Elite and the Troy Elite NG are not subtle. The Troy Elite is a tremendous component offering a clear view into music. The Troy Elite NG simply offers a clearer view (as it should for the price difference).



The Tripoint EMI/RFI passive filtration grounding components are not inexpensive. What they do so well is to transform an already excellent audio system to a level of performance that could never be achieved by simply upgrading to increasingly more expensive source components or speakers. These Tripoint components are in a league of their own and will pull the finest performance out of a music system. One listen, you will never go back. Now when I hear audio systems, the music invariably loses that special magic that the Tripoint components bring to the game. The Troy Elite NG is a limited-edition piece. Although no one would be disappointed with the Troy Elite (as I was not), the Troy Elite NG elevates that magic to another level. The Troy elite NG is to stay in my system. Exceptionally and exceedingly recommended! Audio Review by Dr. Ned.



Looking for the best condition pre-owned Tripoint grounding system? E-mail me or call me today that I sell the best certified Tripoint trade-ins, I might even have extra demo for sale from time to time. Contact Larry D. Diaz at High-End Palace 786 388-8050.





10/10  TRIPOINT AUDIO TROY NG - Available soon a 10/10 TROY ELITE NG with optional platinum premium finish. World-Class ultra high-end grounding system featuring four proprietary custom-made Master GROUND-CORE Generation III (G3) solid copper grounding modules in an exclusive 160 pounds solid brass and aircraft aluminum chassis with massive 3" solid brass spikes and four upgraded premium Tripoint SE silver grounding cables. Call me for details and pricing that I promise you that you will never be in better hands. Larry D. Diaz at High-End Palace 786 388-8050.




SOLD! TRIPOINT TROY ELITE - Just in for immediate delivery a mint condition TROY ELITE trade-in. Take your high-end audio system to the highest level of performance. Hear information, delicacy, nuances, the lowest noise floor you have heard to date in your system and pin-point imaging like never before. Get a rock solid improvement that cannot be achieved any other way period. I will deliver this mint TROY ELITE sonic masterpiece anywhere in the world with FedEx in three to four days. Come by or call me for pricing that I promise you that you will never be in better hands. Come by, call me or contact me for pricing that I promise you that you will never be in better hands. For details contact Larry D, Diaz at High-End Palace 786 388-8050.


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