High-End Palace presents the world's best analogue systems. We have VPI, DaVinci Audio Labs, TRANSROTOR, Wilson Benesch, Acoustic Signature, Graham Engineering, Tri-Planar, SME, REGA, Shelter, CARDAS MYRTLE HEART BENZ RUBY-3, ZYX, BAT Phono Reference Preamps and many other brands. Please contact us to select the right analog turntable, tonearm, Cartridge, Phono Preamp and accessories for your system and personal taste starting from $1995 to over $250,000. Call The Palace today at 786 388-8050.




The TRANSROTOR TOURBILLON table top or with optional stand with separate power supply. Beyond words my audiophiles friends, beyond words! Look no belt! Transrotor turntable are regarded as one of the most beautiful, reliable and best sounding turntables in the world.




Instant Analog happiness! The TRANSROTOR Dark Star Reference Turntable.


New year! New sound! TRANSROTOR ZET1 turntable with separate power supply.


Gentlemen! Presenting the stunning hand built German TRANSROTOR Rossini turntable featuring a 25mm thick matt white acrylic base with a 22 pounds solid aluminum precision platter and white turntable mat. For limited time get a FREE tonearm and cartridge! This makes the Rossini the one of the best buy at $3500 for a quality turntable by any high-end manufacture. The Rossini uses materials and knowledge of a turntable manufacture that makes turntables up to $250,000. The finish, reliability and sound of Transrotor is as good as it gets, and you know that we have seen and heard everything. Call us for pricing!


The beautiful TRANSROTOR LEONARDO with separate outboard power supply



High-End Palace proudly represents Transrotor world class analogue turntables in the USA. Arguably the world's best reference turntables for audiophiles and analogue lovers ranging between $3500 to over $250,000. Highly regarded by analogue lovers worldwide for there organic sound, flawless craftsmanship and stunning looks. These German turntables have what we call the "Wow" factor, it's truly a beautiful product sonically and visually, it's built to the highest standards by the analogue master, our friend Mr. Jochen Rake. Link to their full line up TRANSROTOR.


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Acoustic Signature

Check out the new NEO Series! Now with a 15 year warranty. Absolute world-class German turntables priced starting $4595 to over $180,000 that provides a sound reproduction that can be described as accurate, smooth with amazing stability in the stage and images. These turntables do not sound bright or thin in any way, they are one of best sounding turntables available in the high-end market today. They represent a superb investment for a product that will last you a lifetime with zero maintenance. For more information contact Larry D. Diaz at High-End Palace. Link to BROCHURE. Link to the Acoustic Signature website: Acoustic Signature.



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Acoustic Signature Turntables


Acoustic Signature INVICTUS NEO Reference Turntable ................................. $CALL US!

Acoustic Signature INVICTUS JR. NEO Reference Turntable .......................... $CALL US!

Acoustic Signature ASCONA NEO Reference Turntable ..................................... $CALL US!

Acoustic Signature MONTANA NEO Turntable ...................................................... $CALL US!

Acoustic Signature TYPHOON NEO Turntable ....................................................... $CALL US!

Acoustic Signature HURRICANE NEO Turntable .................................................. $CALL US!

Acoustic Signature TORNADO NEO Turntable ...................................................... $CALL US!

Acoustic Signature DOUBLE X NEO Turntable ..................................................... $CALL US!

Acoustic Signature MAXIMUS NEO Turntable ...................................................... $CALL US!




A few words about what the industry has to say about Acoustic Signature Turntables:

STEREOPHILE: "The Final Tool is the smoothest running and/or best isolated conventional motor I've ever encountered at any price!." "..the Final Tool with it's solid construction, superb bearing, sophisticated electronic motor drive, provision for multiple tonearms, and a heavy, oversized, well damped platter might be the the best value out there" "..nothing at this price point compares in terms of built quality ."(Michael Fremer Stereophile Sept/2001)

Stereotimes: ..and is strong contender not only in its price range, but also compared to far more expensive tables. Combining the bass power and soundstaging capacities of popular "high-end audiophile" tables with the dancing and singing rhythmic abilities of the "musicophile" UK tables, the Final Tool will appeal to those who want it all.

Stereoplay/Germany: Acoustic-Signature Mambo! "Everything is perfect on this turntable"

Hi-Fi & Records: The Mambo is convincing from the first note;.. It was completely solid, was perfect structured. The dynamics of the bass was the best I've ever heard.

Stereoplay/Germany: At the first view the Acoustic-Signature Challenger looks like " an ultra solid high-end turntable". This stands also for the sound not only the look. The Challenger offers an ultra deep fundament that's clearly focus, extraordinary sound, excellent craftsmanship, a real Stereoplay Highlight.

Hi-Fi & Records: A turntable like nothing before. Mechanical engineering at it's best. Sound quality of the Analog ONE MKIII is free of any mistakes with a very fast and dynamic bass and rhythm. Voices, timing, rhythm, everything perfect.








handcrafted European Tonearms



A new standard in analog playback. Reed tonearms! Available in several finishes including Palladium with your choice of 9.5”, 10.5”, 12” length in Macassar Ebony, Cocobolo, Teak, Wenge, and carbon fiber. Call me Larry D. Diaz at High-End Palace at 786 388-8050 during our Reed Promotion and Trade-In Program. Hablamos tu idioma!


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     The VPI SDS (Synchronous Drive System) shown on the photo above combines a turntable motor speed controller and a line isolator into one convenient 16" x 3" x 12" (W x H x D) package. The SDS breaks new ground in clean accurate power delivery using advanced digital technology and quartz crystal accuracy.

The SDS allows for the adjustment of both the voltage and frequency fed to the turntable motor. Adjustments are easily made from the front panel using intuitive, soft touch controls. The selected output voltage and frequency are shown using large, easy to read LED displays. The SDS slowly ramps the voltage and frequency up or down to the selected value in order to prevent premature motor wear due to abrupt changes. During motor startup, the SDS increases its output voltage in order to bring the platter up to speed quickly. Once the desired platter speed has been reached, the SDS ramps the output voltage down in order to reduce motor vibration and, therefore, the systems noise floor.

The circuit used in the SDS provides an incredibly accurate line frequency of great stability. Additionally, the electronic circuitry effectively isolates the output voltage from the input voltage, doing away with voltage spikes, low level fluctuations, RFI, and frequency variations. Instead of merely filtering the power line, the SDS first changes it into pure DC voltage and then digitally regenerates its own clean signal. This approach is superior to that used in many of the other power line conditioners on the market. The SDS works best with synchronous motor driven 115 volt turntables, such as those from VPI. The speed of a synchronous motor is determined by the frequency it is fed. It is only logical then, that a device whose speed is based on the line frequency will always function better when a stable frequency is delivered. A constant motor speed translates into a quieter, more faithful musical presentation.

The 25 pounds VPI Single Motor Flywheel shown on the photo above consist of a a motor/flywheel combination. This fits into the round cutout on the left side where the motor normally goes and gives the sound of the HR-X to any turntable. A machined housing, 300 RPM motor, 10 pound flywheel spinning at 400 RPM is included. Here is a link to VPI's full line up: VPI TURNTABLES.


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The DaVinci Audio Labs Turntables

Regarded as one of the high-end turntable designs in the world the DaVinci Gabriel. The DaVinci Gabriel is an acoustically "dead" turntable with completely silent magnetical bearings. It features pick-up de-coupled from the basis, DaVinci motor with stable power supply, feet from Finite Elemente Cerabase. Available in black, red and white piano finishes. Weight of this analogue master piece is 232 pounds. DaVinci In UniSon Turntable provides a highly stable basis milled on a full aluminum block with special resonance damping system. The platter is made of a special aluminum alloy and finished in noble or luxury edition is coated with 24k gold finish. For more information please contact Larry at High-End Palace. Link to the DaVinci website:


If reproduced Music touches your soul, can it be wrong?



The DaVinci Grand Reference Tonearm

New at The Palace the extremely well built DaVinci tonearms made with the highest parts quality is a tradition at DaVinciAudio Labs. ToneArm in 10" and 12" version in bronze coated with 24k gold version or rhodanized silver as shown, Bearing block from bronze and steel, Double gimballed ruby bearing, The jewel bearings are hand polished to achieve the exceptional precision, Magnetical damping for a dynamic anti skating, Counterweights from copper wolfram, Tonearm center is made out of Cocobolo exotic wood, Head shell from bronze, Direct cable 1m, other length available on request. The DaVinci Grand Reference is regarded as one of the best Tonearms available in the world. For more information please contact Larry at High-End Palace. Link to the DaVinci website:


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The STOGI REF is one of the best reference tonearms we have heard and tested, it provides a sound at an absolute reference level. This tonearm incorporates a conical tube and the vertical bearings have a highly damped brass housing. The conical tube is internally damped and divided into two parts which, while further aiding damping, also allows for easy azimuth adjustment. A special mechanism, using a simple Allen key, allows the tube to be rotated back and forth in minimal increments with no air gap. This mechanism is submerged in silicone grease for further damping. A marker line clearly shows the azimuth position and facilitates use, while allowing for repeated adjustments. Tonearm geometry, bearing, wires and other parts are the same as Stogi and effective mass differs only slightly.








     After 30 years, the dream has been realized! The jaw dropping STEREOPHILE CLASS A Recommended Cartridge Air Tight PC-1 provides incredible dynamics, amazing detail retrieval and a sense of true musicality, the Air Tight PC-1 Moving Coil Phono Cartridge is one of the world’s finest designs. The new Air Tight PC-1 has set a new standard for the reproduction of analog recordings.  

The PC-1 is capable of stunning dynamic range with extremely high resolution; achieving exquisite detail reproduction while preserving the natural warmth and musicality that all analog lovers crave.  The perception of the original recorded event is virtually unparalleled. 

A “High Output/Low Impedance” design, the PC-1 is an exemplary design that uses a proprietary magnet material in the generator, allowing a remarkable reduction in coil windings (reducing the “loss” of fine detail) yet still producing a very useable 0.6mV output.


Absolute Sound

“The Air Tight PC-1, TAS’ 2006 Phono Cartridge of the year award-winner, is the best yet in nearly every aspect of phonograph reproduction-the most complete. As I said in Issue 170, the PC-1 isn’t simply a slight improvement over what came before it; it is a leap forward in moving-coil design. Well worth its asking price!”


- Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound -

 Golden Ear Ward Winner, August 2007



"None of those other cartridges offers the overall textural and tonal seamlessness, believability, and - I hate to use the word, but here goes - musicality of the Air Tight PC-1 ... a remarkable blend of science and art and easy recommendation if you can afford the $5500 regardless of your musical taste, especially if those taste range widely". 

- Michael Fremer, Stereophile 2007-                                                                                                          



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Air Tight PC-1 Specifications

•  Output Voltage: 0.6 mV at 1kHz 5cm/sec.
•  Channel Balance: <0.5dB at 21kHz
•  Stylus Tip: 3um X 30um semi-line contact
•  Weight: 12g
•  Tracking Force Range: 2.0 to 2.2g
•  Internal Impedance: 2.5 ohms
•  Frequency Response: 10-50,000 Hz
•  Crosstalk: >30db @1kz
•  Pins: Rhodium-plated polished
•  Cantilever: Boron
•  Core Material: SH-uX
•  Magnet: Neodynium #50












Here at The Palace we are known to have the best of the best and here is a perfect example, the Myrtle Heart Benz Ruby-3 is one of our favorite world class reference cartridges because of their musical sound quality. Cardas have gone through great length to voice this cartridge, they have small round vents on there unique Myrtlewood chassis for tonality and equalization. These Myrtle Hearts are instruments of music and once you hear it you'll know what we are taking about. Available in Copper or Silver.


Call us for your Myrtle Heart Benz Ruby-3!

It's time to trade-in your old cartridge.


     CARDAS Reference Cartridges are available in two models, Myrtle Copper Heart and the Myrtle Silver Heart. These reference cartridges are wound in Copper or in Silver in there square Ruby jewel plate, they are highly evolved cartridges that are extremely tough and reliable, as well as being one of the most musically pleasing of all cartridges. Its vented Myrtlewood body is a unique vibration damper for resonance control. These highly evolved cartridges are built on a unique Benz chassis. A well seasoned Myrtle Heart cartridge performs well at a high input impedance of 47 k, if the system is quiet. A lower impedance of 500-1.5 k works if the system tends to hum or the cartridge is not broken-in. The Myrtle Heart has a standard output of 0.3 mV, which is within the capability of most modern high quality pre-amps. The character of the Cardas Myrtle Heart is lasting musicality. It is well engineered, strong and majestic. It brings the lasting luxury of detailed, life like music. The Cardas Myrtle Hearts body are made from America's most beautiful hardwood, the legendary Myrtle tree. Rarest of all woods, this symmetrical, broadleaf, evergreen Myrtle grows only in Southwestern Oregon (Coos and Curry counties) and the Biblical Holy Lands. Myrtlewood has a very complex grain structure. The coloring of the wood is unique, varying from a sedate, satiny gray to riotously, multicolored grains of red, yellow, and brown, with many burls and shapes in its grain. Denser than Oak, unseasoned Myrtle logs will not float.


CARDAS Myrtle Heart Copper specs:

Body: Machined Vented Myrtlewood
Cantilever: Solid Boron rod, 0.28 mm diameter
Stylus: Nude line-contact diamond, mirror polished
Stylus Tip Radius: 5 x 120 µm
Vertical Tracking Angle: 20-22 degrees
Coil: Square Ruby jewel plate, Copper wire
Weight: 9.1 grams
Output Voltage: 0.3 mV @ 3.54 cm/s
Internal Impedance: 45 ohms
Frequency Response: 10-50,000 Hz ± 1 dB
Channel Balance: Better than 0.5 dB
Channel Separation: Better than 35 dB @ 1 kHz
Tracking Ability @ 315 Hz with a tracking force of 2 grams: >80 µm
Dynamic Compliance: 15 µm/mN
Recommended Loading: 500-47,000 ohms
Optimum Tracking Force: 1.8-2.0 grams
Recommended Tone arm Mass: Medium to high
Recommended Break-in period: 40 hours
Warranty: 2 years


CARDAS Myrtle Heart Silver specs:

Body: Machined Vented Myrtlewood
Cantilever: Solid Boron rod, 0.28 mm diameter
Stylus: Nude line-contact diamond, mirror polished
Stylus Tip Radius: 5 x 120 µm
Vertical Tracking Angle: 20-22 degrees
Coil: Square Ruby jewel plate, silver wire
Weight: 9.5 grams
Output Voltage: 0.3 mV @ 3.54 cm/s
Internal Impedance: 30 ohms
Frequency Response: 10-50,000 Hz ± 1 dB
Channel Balance: Better than 0.5 dB
Channel Separation: Better than 35 dB @ 1 kHz
Tracking Ability @ 315 Hz with a tracking force of 2 grams: >80 µm
Dynamic Compliance: 15 µm/mN
Recommended Loading: 500-47,000 ohms
Optimum Tracking Force: 1.8-2.0 grams
Recommended Tone arm Mass: Medium to high
Recommended Break-in period: 40 hours
Warranty: 2 years






   World-Class phono cartridges for your high-end system. Shelter Moving Coil phono cartridge is divided 2 major lines. The first series is “Ultimate Line” which consists of 60t dry-carbon fiber to the housing and aiming the future of analog playback. Another series call “Legendary Line” which is succeeding matured analog playback technology of 80’s faithfully to the current product.

Ultimate Line - The MC phono cartridge explores unknown possibility of analog playback.

Ultimate Line is extreme MC phono cartridge series, the material structure renewed after almost a quarter of century by means of adopting ultra-degree hardness dry-carbon fiber to its housing while succeeding the fundamental motor system design philosophy of Shelter. The compression ratio of 60t class carbon fiber material used to Ultimate Line has far higher hardness than conventional 24t dry-carbon fiber, which material is the world-first time to use the phono cartridge. In addition to the dry-carbon fiber’s original characteristic of resonance free, high internal loss and elastic rate with superb shielding effect to external noise, the 60t carbon fiber used to Shelter Ultimate Line reproduces subtle signal without coloration and deep quietness, and its structure is effective to all other aspects in different dimension. The flagship model of Harmony is adopting innocent solid dry-carbon fiber for entire housing and affiliated model of Accord adopts the same material to its base plate. With adopting the leading-edge of carbon fiber technology available in Japan the Shelter MC phono cartridge explores unknown possibility of analog playback. We hope that you enjoy to listening the new reproduction ability through Shelter Ultimate Line.

Legendary Line - The “new-classic” MC phono cartridge continuously evolves with conveying the brightness of analog’s maturity period to the present day.

Legendary Line is traditional MC phono cartridge with faithfully succeeding the basic design of Model 701 series, which was sold in 1986 as the first generation of Shelter product. The sound is extremely smooth and gentle, and yet it has minute information volume and quietness, which are compatible at higher dimensions. With using stable material based on the long result such as aluminum alloy body housing, simple and legitimate motor structure, aluminum-clad boron cantilever, 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical diamond stylus tip and others, it yields flexibility of limitless sound tuning. Legendary Line conveys 80’ analog record reproduction brightness with succeeding the ancient technique faithfully to the present day. After 30 years to mature it reaches to esoteric expressive power which melting the listener’s heart instantaneously and we trust that you can leave an important record playback in peace forever. Click on this link SHELTER AUDIO for models and additional information.


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B o s t o n   A u d i o   D e s i g n

Arguably one of the best turntable MAT available! Replace the stock mat with this Boston Audio Design MAT 1 you will get superior detail, nuances, resolution, micro dynamics and clarity for your complete LP collection. This MAT is a superb improvement for any turntable. The MAT 1 is machined from pure carbon and finished by hand on a high-speed CNC lathe to tolerances of +/- 0.005 inches. Once the final shape is achieved, the Mat is polished at nearly 4,000 RPM to remove 90+ percent of the loose carbon particles on the surface, leaving the Mat a silver-gray color. Click here to: Watch a Mat 1 being made! Read Mat 1 reviews and customer comments. Link to Boston Audio Design website.


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The SP-101 is best phono preamp available for your high-end audio system. The SP-101 is based on a new circuitry which uses custom matched transistors, super precision resistors to ensure optimal working conditions for the different stages of each module, all custom made capacitors and RIAA EQ that uses passive correction with an overall accuracy better than 1%. The SP-101 is capable of exposing micro details/dynamics never heard before, without compromising the coherence of the recording. Click on this link VITUS AUDIO SP-101 for specs and additional information.


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     The C-47 is the first phono amplifier of this series which realizes a fully balanced and mono configuration from input to output. The resulting product not only is highly impervious to external noise, it also features a dedicated head amplifier optimized for the characteristics of MC and MM phono cartridges, and a high-accuracy equalizer amplifier, thereby ensuring precise equalization with a minimum of noise. A set of newly added dedicated balanced MC phono inputs enables balanced connection to the analog record player. By bringing out the full performance potential of each phono cartridge, the C-47 delivers a rich and deeply satisfying musical experience. Link to the Accuphase brochure.


·         Low-noise fully balanced configuration

·         One dedicated balanced MC phono input and three sets of regular phono inputs

·         Separate settings memory for each input position

·         Balanced and line level output connectors

·         Balanced output polarity selector

·         Full mono construction

·         Separate toroidal power transformers for left and right channel

·         Low-noise regulated power supply circuitry unaffected by load fluctuations

·         High-accuracy phono equalizer with RIAA deviation of only ±0.3 dB

·         Load impedance settings for six MC and three MM phono cartridge types

·         7-segment LED indicator shows load impedance

·         Gain selector for low-output phono cartridges

·         Built-in subsonic filter

·         Disc equalizer assembly using glass cloth fluorocarbon resin PCBs with low dielectric constant and low losses

·         Gold-plated printed circuit boards



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   The BAT makes five reference tube phono preamps. here is the BAT VK-P12SE is one of our reference tube phono preamp here at The Palace. The sound quality and up to 80 dB of gain for world-class low output MM/MC cartridges makes these BAT phono preamps the best of its kind. BAT makes several models of phono preamps please give us a call or stop by to discuss the best option for you. The BAT's Phono Preamps preserves the delicate signals generated by modern phono cartridges requires consummate engineering skill and musical sensitivity.


Reaching dramatic new performance levels while pristinely preserving the delicate signals generated by modern cartridges, the VK-P12SE SuperPak represents a new reference for phonostages. Building on knowledge gained during the design of BAT’s groundbreaking REX amplification products, the second-generation SuperPak yields a far more open sound, with a more coherent portrayal of musical texture from the lowest to the highest frequencies—and an astonishingly vibrant, three-dimensional soundstage. The SuperPak replaces electrolytic capacitors in the most critical first two gain stages with the largest-value oil capacitors ever employed in a BAT design. Boasting state-of-the-art engineering achievements, individual technical advancements, and awe-inspiring synergy, VK-P12SE SuperPak pays priceless dividends on your investment in vinyl.


Like the elite VK-33SE, VK-53SE and REX II preamplifiers, the VK-P12SE SuperPak features a transformer-coupled output stage. This new design replaces BAT’s venerable Six-Pak of output capacitors with custom-designed output transformers. In order to achieve this “transformational” goal, years were spent prototyping and testing various alternative output transformer designs.  All the work paid off: BAT’s new transformer-coupled output stage proves substantially superior to any capacitor in maintaining a purity of signal transmission.  Electrically, these output transformers significantly improve the VK-P12SE’s performance in every measured respect. Sonically, they offer improvements in every area of musical reproduction.


The heart of the VK-P12SE SuperPak is an all-tube zero-feedback design that combines the benefits of balanced operation with complementary vacuum-tube current sources. Dual-mono construction and enormous energy reserves are matched by extensive flexibility in cartridge loading. The first gain stage achieves a very low noise floor via premium Vishay Bulk Foil resistors that replace metal film resistors. An upgraded power supply contributes to more responsive, visceral bass.  Vacuum-tube current sources further improve the linearity and yield a more open, textured sound. Dual 6SN7 vacuum tubes act as current sources for the second gain stage. A differential RIAA network ensures all your records will sound the way the recording engineer intended, permitting ease of adjustment and improved common mode noise rejection. Plus, second-generation step-up transformers provide as much as a 20db improvement in signal-to-noise ratio in comparison to direct mode operation. With up to 80dB of gain available, no signal is too small. All you have to do is listen.


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    Pass Labs currently makes three high-end phono preamps, the XP-15, XP-25 and XS Phono. Nelson Pass is a living legend of high-end audio for good reason. Whether with his first company, Threshold, or current enterprise, Pass Labs, he and his co-designers consistently produce stellar equipment—excellent not just for the money, but for outstanding performance.

Audiophiles that know Pass’ company understand it’s thoroughly dedicated to vinyl reproduction, as witnessed by the excellent line of phono preamplifiers issued over the past 15 years. My analog journey includes time spent with every one of these pieces, beginning with the Aleph ONO and continuing on to the subject of this review, the one-box XP-15. As Pass phonostages evolve, each sucessive generation improves upon the recovery of the delicate signals contained in those beloved LP grooves. Link to a must read review of the PASS XP-15 Phono Preamp and PASS Labs website.


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The Manley Steelhead is regarded as one of the best phono tube preamp featuring MM & MC with 0 to 1100 picofarads in 10 picofarad steps. This reference phono preamp is so good that it has been winning best sound at the shows year after year with the Manley Mono Blocks, a world class high-end product. 


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Technics SP-10 Mk II Direct Drive Turntable

     This Technics SP-10 Mk II is in the best condition we have seen in over 30 years with original box and packing. It's one the only few turntables that plays all three speed on a single touch. You have light speed start up time to 33 1/3, 45 or 78 rpm. The Technics SP-10 Mk II has a quartz crystal that provides a fixed frequency that's unaffected by temperature or other type of changes for constant speed accuracy.


Reporting from High-End Palace,
President (CEO)
High-End Palace, LLC
The place for the world’s best music systems!
Tel: 786 388-8050









Hand-made Swiss moving coil cartridge with brass frame and solid exotic Ebony wood masterpiece from BENZ MICRO. That's right the MC LP Ebony Wood is Benz Micro's flagship cartridge that has an MSRP of $5000 and it's well worth it. This LP provides information from records with a tonality that makes it one of the best cartridges ever made in the history of high-end audio.






Acoustic Signature Analog One Mk III Reference Turntable with outboard power supply and KUZMA STOGI REF Tonearm.


The Final Tool Mk II is a CLASS B STEREOPHILE RECOMMENDED COMPONENT. (See the April 2006 issue or Vol.24 No.9.)


The Acoustic Signature Mambo Reference Turntable. The Mambo is shown in this photo with the optional SME M2-9.18" tonearm.





Mint condition Analog One Mk III Reference Turntable with outboard power supply/controller (ON/FF 33 & 45 RPM Selector) and massive motor. This beast is in absolute mint condition, like new out of the box. This 140 pounds world class German turntable represents the best investment in reference turntables with flawless sonic and built quality in this price range. The sound reproduction of Acoustic Signature can be described as accurate, smooth with amazing stability in the stage and images. These turntables do not sound bright or thin, they are one of best sounding high-end turntables available.






McIntosh MT5

Mint condition one owner The McIntosh MT5 precision turntable with box and manual. This complete turntable is more than the sum of its parts. Engineered to exacting McIntosh standards, each piece contributes to deliver a superb performance. Contact Larry at High-End Palace 786 388-8050 for details.


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Mint AESTHETIX RHEA MM/MC TUBE PHONO PREAMP. We are offering this dream tube phono preamp with manuals and original box, condition is like everything we sale, like new out of the box. The stunning RHEA features: 8 gain settings of 75, 68, 62, 56, 50, 44, and 38 dB, or OFF, Nine loading settings are 47k, 10k, 5k, 2.5k, 1k, 500, 250, 125, and 75 ohms, Signal to noise is measured at 70dB minimum A-weighted (ref 1mv input, 75dB gain setting), Frequency response is +-.25dB, 20Hz–20kHz and controls are phono input, mute, gain, loading, demagnetizer, and standby, Rhea tube complement (each channel) is V1 & V2 (12AX7LP—factory graded low noise), V3 & V4 (12AX7WB) and V5 (6922), Output impedance is 300 ohms SE and 600 ohms balanced, Shipping weight of 40lbs and measures 4 3/8" high, 17 7/8" wide and 18" deep (including jacks). Shipping weight of 40lbs and measures 4 3/8" high, 17 7/8" wide and 18" deep (including jacks).






Wilson Benesch Vinyl System  

The stunning WILSON BENESCH ACT 2 TONEARM WITH THE WILSON BENESCH CIRCLE TURNTABLE at The Palace. Yes sir! Truly an unbelievable value in a package that sounds great and looks out of this world. Clean, beautiful and reliable analogue set up. The WILSON BENESCH ACT 2 is made out of pure Carbon Fiber, an advanced composite technology used to create the lightest, stiffest, most highly damped tube on the market. This stunning Wilson Benesch Vinyl System is in excellent conditions as you can see for your self in the photos above. Like new, extremely low hours. Link to a STEREOPHILE REVIEW.




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