I would like to welcome our friends, clients, audiophiles and theater lovers worldwide to see a few high-resolution photos from the 2007 STEREOPHILE show at The Home Entertainment Showcase that took place May 11th through the 13th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan, New York City USA.

It was high-end audio time in Manhattan and here are a few of the highlights: New speakers manufacture PROCLAIM had a new loudspeaker design the DMT100 that sounded wonderful with superb flexibility, the BAT suite showed there new REX preamp with the Wilson Audio Puppy 8's, new speakers from Peak Consult Princess priced at $10,500, new affordable components from CHORD even a new Reference CD Player that was jaw dropping, the Gamut suite made beautiful music, KRELL had a beautiful suite with the EVO line up and new speakers that sounded effortless and extremely dynamic, CINEPRO has new processor, amplifiers and speakers that sounded effortless in there demo, JADIS had a new integrated with KT88's that made beautiful music, extremely smooth and organic, the best multiplayer and server available at the present time that plays and records everything, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, High-Def recorder for movies, TV programming, music even a massive picture storage with slide show on a single chassis from a new manufacture called VIDABOX.

There were many manufactures at the STEREOPHILE show, here is a list of a few of them: Acoustic Sounds, Acoustic Zen, Ascendo, Audio Quest, Audio Research, Aurum Acoustics, Balanced Audio Technology (BAT), Bel Canto Design, Benchmark Media, Bluebird Music Ltd, Bolzano Villetri, Cardas Audio, Cayin, Chesky Records, Chord Electronics, Classic Records, Clear Audio, Continuum Audio Labs, Critical Mass Systems, Crystal Cable, Dynaudio, Eggleston Works, Gershman Acoustics, Goodwin’s High-End, Jadis, Joseph Audio, JPS Labs, JVC XRCD, KEF, KRELL, Kubala-Sosna Research, Lamm,  Magico LLC, MBL, Meridian, Merlin, Metronome, MIT, Musical Surroundings, Usher Audio, Nagra USA, Omaha Audio Inc., Oracle Audio, Pathos Acoustics, Pierre Gabriel, Pioneer, Plinius Audio, Rauna of Sweden, RedPoint Audio Design, Reference Recordings, Richard Gray's Power Company, Rives Audio, Rogue Audio, Inc., Scaena Loudspeakers, Shunyata Research, Silent Running Audio, Silver Circle Audio, Silverline Audio, Silversmith Audio, Sim Audio,  Soundlab, Stillpoints, Tact Audio, TAD Audio, Talon Audio, TMH Audio, Totem Acoustics, Tri-Planar, XLO Products, Inc., VAC-Value Amplification Co., Van den Hul, Vandersteen, VAS Industries, Verity Audio, VPI Industries, Wadia, Wilson Audio and many more brands.


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These photos are posted for our friends, clients, audiophiles and theater lovers to enjoy and see the latest, they are not to be posted on any personal ads of any kind any where on the net.



The new CHORD Reference CD Player and the CPA5000 preamp


New CHORD SPM 6000 Reference Mono Power Amplifier


The new AMR CD-77 $8500.


Rack of MBL Reference components


Rack of Phatos!


New toy for analog lovers, TW ACUSTIC turntable.


The new EGGLESTON WORKS NINE $12,900 with Gamut and Rogue Audio.


New Escalante Design Fremont $21,000.


Technics reel to reels played amazing music on three different rooms.


Zanden on HRS racks!


The latest $64,000 DCS Reference CD Playback system, transport, clock & dac.


Full rack of Bel Canto


Moon tower!




New Scaena Loudspeaker System


Rethm Saadhana Loudspeakers


New dynamic speakers from KRELL



These photos are posted for our friends, clients, audiophiles and theater lovers to enjoy and see the latest, they are not to be posted on any personal ads of any kind any where on the net.




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